Citizen Solution for

Smarter Delhi

Smarter and Digital Delhi Workshop

on February 13th, 2016

Selected Proposals

Drone based security system
Mr. Puneet Gupta
Abstract: A smart city like Delhi needs a technology based patrolling system that can improve the response time and accurately assess the situation to make effective and collaborative decisions. An air borne drone system can helps a police force to respond by viewing the real time video feed
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A Smart Bus System Application
Mr. Yash Sherry
Abstract: Traffic congestion poses a major problem for a developing city like Delhi, increasing the travelling time. Inefficient Public transport thus can be the bane of our existence. The need for a reliable transportation system arises in places where even efficient means of transport like the metro, are not viable/reachable...
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Mr. Sushil Bharti, Mr. Shashank Gautam and Ms. Niharika Verma
Abstract: Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, why worry about parking too? Leave it to us.
JustPark- Anytime, Anyplace Parking.
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Food Wastage and Waste Management
Mr. Deepanshu Trehan, Ms. Devika Mehta, Ms. Sonal Gupta and Mr. Vikas Singh
Abstract: Delhi is the national capital of India with a current population of around 120 million. Every day the city produces thousands of tons of waste, overloading the municipal systems. Responsible and inclusive waste management as a sustainable solution for smarter Delhi is the need of the hour.
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Smart Waste Management
Mr. Deepak Munagala, Mr. Yash Sherry, Mr. Purusharth Dwivedi and Ms. Rashmi Nagpal
Abstract: There is a rising need to manage waste in our city. We plan to solve this problem by creating a mobile application which will help people in deciding which product is environment friendly by evaluating its waste generation stats, give people the location of the nearest trash and will provide an effective communication portal with Waste Department of Delhi. We will also include a reward system where the people who contribute the most in managing waste at the end of the month will be given the position of ambassador. This system will help in making Delhi smarter and cleaner. DANICS Officer. Earlier, was posted in Delhi Jal Board as Director
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Life Saviour
Mr. Anuj Wadhera, Mr. Prakash Chauhan and Mr. Ankit Kumar Garg
Abstract: “In Dengue like situations in Delhi, when people are rushing to hospitals in search of AVAILABLE beds, Life Savior mobile app comes to the rescue. App allows searching your nearby hospitals, getting LIVE availability of beds in each hospital using RSS feeds, calling shortlisted hospitals, and assisted navigation to hospitals”
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Real Time Crime Mapping for Delhi
Ms. Anasua Mitra, Dr. Amit Awekar and Dr. Gayatri Natu
Abstract: A real-time, color-code based intuitive map of city-wide crime scenarios. This app not only can give users the ultimate flexibility to view recent city-wide crime trends, to effectively report crimes, ease of gleaning specific crime information, but also can let the citizens take precautions to avoid/ prevent crime situations via subscription based alerts. This interactive map can be really a handy tool to gain insights on city-wide crimes via a variety of crime statistics.
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Public-private Participation Model of Traffic Challan
Mr. Nitin Jindal
Abstract: It is important to keep an eye on each running car in the city! So let the cars do it themselves! Solution? Install a video recorder in cars and let the car driver send recorded video to traffic police headquarters. In case traffic police likes it, driver shall get his share.
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